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Post two. One to go.

A while back I said that I would update y'all on the cat situation. Well, with all I do online and force feeding and medicating and rehydrating two cats three times a day, it's been a bitch to find the time.

Basically, we realized one thing had changed since the cats first got sick years ago. We shopped at Red Barn then. Then when we moved to Winnetka, we stopped. But our regular pet food place was out of the one food we can feed Skate, so we went back to Red Barn. And then all the cats started getting really sick, again. Hmmm...

Red Barn's storage area for food is not air conditioned. In Los Angeles. All through the summer... and to quote this place...

"Mycotoxins are naturally occurring fungal by-products that can cause disease and death in dogs and cats. When grains are improperly stored, mycotoxins can develop. Two common forms, both of which have been found in pet food (more commonly in dog food) are aflatoxin and vomitoxin. Although mycotoxins are found worldwide they only become toxic in temperatures above 82 degrees and over 80 percent humidity at which point they interfere with cellular function, and are extremely carcinogenic and immuno-suppressive. Aflatoxin B1 is the most toxic of the aflatoxins and is the most potent liver carcinogen known." (emphasis mine)

We have lost two cats to toxic liver diseases and have two seriously ill. Could these be connected? We certainly think so. The food we buy is not in high demand. Odds are it's kept at Red Barn for quite a while sometimes in very high temperatures. And left to sit. And sit. And this could happen with ANY dry food.

We checked the smell of the cat food in the hopper. It stank. We don't tend to smell cat food, even the dry stuff is pretty rank when it's GOOD. But we realized this stuff smelled absolutely rotten. And we had poured it from the brand new unopened bag the day before. As it was, it stank too bad to save any in case the store or manufacturer wanted to test it.

So odds are because of our carelessness (not always smelling the cat food) and Red Barn's poor storage two of our cats are dead. The only tie in between now and the last time multiple cats of ours got this disease was buying our food at Red Barn.

And this can EASILY happen to you. ANY dry food for cats OR dogs can have this problem. Make a point of buying only from places that store the food for short amounts of times in an air conditioned area. It IS a matter of life and death.


Ignore this. For my personal use later. I've got too many bookmarks, and it's related to the above link anyways.


This is just something stupid fun I got from jason_brez. Thanksgiving: The Movie. Hope no one is insulted by anything in it, it's just supposed to be stupid fun...


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