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What I Learned This Week

1. Hunley really is crazy.

2. When you're watching Mythbusters, you don't want to hear your boyfriend say "Oh, wow. I have GOT to try THAT!"

3. Lifting heavy bags and scrubbing do not improve your arms when they already hurt.

4. Winter makes your body crave fattening food twice as bad as in summer.

5. I have no idea what people mean by "Oh, Snap!"

6. Wendie Jo Sperber died on Tuesday. Fuck. I liked her.

7. Jason continues to be good at finding neat things on the net, such as Serenity Hand Puppet Movie Theatre (huge movie spoilerage).

8. It's easier to update the Psycho Six page, The World's Sexiest Men and the World's Worst Poetry all at one swell foop.

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Edit: Really good article about gift cards.

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