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I've mentioned my problem with my arms hurting before. Well, the other day I did something really st00pid. I tried to wash a really heavy pot with water in it without resting it on the bottom of the sink (I didn't want to have to scrub the scratches out of the sink). Well, now my right arm is pretty much AWOL. I'm not even really capable of driving. But since my right arm is AWOL, I'm having to use my left arm, which also has problems, for pretty much everything. Martin's working a lot lately so I'm using a still-problem arm for the housecleaning and laundry and such. Which is screwing it up more.


Not looking for suggestions, not looking for sympathy, looking for understanding that I'm not going to be keeping up on ANYONE's LJ. I'll answer my email, but that's about it. No internet, no crocheting, no cross-stitching, no reading anything heavier than a cheap magazine, no gameboy.... I'll be watching a lot of TV. I've got a birthday next week and I'd like to still be able to feed and dress myself when it rolls around. Yeah, I'm selfish. Having use of my arms on my birthday is more important than reading your LJ. What a bitch I am ~_^. Besides, I've got to be able to wrap presents soon ^_^

Hasta la pasta, y'all, hope to see y'all in a week or two.

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