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Badger badger badger badger badger badger...just wanted to stick it your head.

Well, this is my first Friday of probably a huge long number sitting on my ass and doing fu** all. I could have taken it better, but at least I didn't resort to drinking. On the bright side, I found a couple stoopid things for you to look at. For those of you who haven't had the questionable joy of finding, I've got links to two of the more interesting and humourous contest thingies they've had recently.

First of all, they had a contest wherein the theme was Fake Japanese Products. Be warned, (same warning applies for second contest...) a lot of the graphics don't load, and a lot of the humor is gross, adult, British or all three, but I find there to be enough humourous entries it's worth sifting through the chaff. Here's one of the ones I really liked in that category.

The second category I liked was called If Cats Ruled the World (one person spoonerized it and showed a pic of if Rats Cooled the World...a frozen world with a rat laughing gleefully...). Same warning applies. Here's a couple I found cute and in the same vein...

I hope y'all enjoy those, go in a good mood and you'll enjoy it more...Now wasn't that better than a post full of whining?


2:03 AM Addendum: I just took the Whats Your Email Personality test at and got the following which I think most of you will find dead on.....

"Connector: If we asked your friends and family, chances are they'd tell us that email was invented just for you. Maybe it's because email is the perfect complement to your already outgoing personality. Or maybe it's just another excuse to spend time with friends instead of tackling that growing pile of work on your desk. (Weren't you the one who got caught passing notes in 6th grade?)"

nevwynelf knows how bad we were with notes back in high school....

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