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Let's see.....

Okay, not much of an update here, cause there's not a lot of interesting detail to mention.

1. postrophe and I are talking again, so everyone who cared about that can breathe a sign of relief.

2. Went out with postrophe Saturday night and did...well....just STUFF. Nothing really noteworthy. Got a glass of tea at Psychobabble. Drove around. Saw the California Institute for the Abnormalarts...stumbled across is more like it. I would have taken pictures, but Martin had hidden the camera I always keep in my purse somewhere, which is too bad, cause it looks really cool outside and there's this giant bus vehicle thing that needs pictures taken of it as well. Then we went to Shakers in Glendale and got a couple small items to wait out drunk hour to go home, again. See? Not noteworthy, but damn it was nice to get the fu** out of the house. You people have to remember that I see the outside of this apartment maybe 3-4 hours a week.

3. Sunday. Breakfast. TV. Internet. Invader Zim. Nap. Dinner. Teen Titans. Internet. Sleep.

And, while I've got you here....

These two female pirates took to the seas disguised as men and proved to be even tougher than the males they served with. The two ended up serving under Captain Calico Jack Rackham, who took them both as lovers. In their last battle, the two women fought mercilessly while their shipmates hid or surrendered. They were eventually captured, but unlike the men they served with, they both were spared hanging because they claimed to be pregnant!

Which pirate are you?

Also, I don't THINK the person who needs to read this has gotten off their butt and visited my journal yet, despite the fact I go to theirs AND comment daily, but SOME people need to learn how to do an LJ cut. Think if it's you.

Other people need to post more than once every 2 weeks to 2 months. Just generalized bitching. You wouldn't feel it was me if I didn't have any of that in here.

And on the bright side, in all the journals I visit, I think mine is the prettiest, so I'm finally comfortable with my layout. ^_^

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