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First: For those of you who don't read spazzychic's journal, read this article. And don't just skim, there's lots of funny goodness in it.

Second: I did fu** all today, but yesterday I got the joy of taking my mom for a colonoscopy. I was originally going to shock you all with the horrors I faced, but I decided to be nice. The upshot is I'd rather die painfully of colon cancer than get one. So let's hope they come up with a new way of checking for that before I hit 65, eh? Also, yesterday, I got 2 hours to shoot the sh** with ladypixel, while mom was under so that was a high point.

Third: Looking forward to spazzychic being here this weekend. Woo!

Four: Off to bed to think about the Nightcrawler self-insert angsty romance story I keep safely tucked in my head, away from the scrutiny of others.

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