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Cyberspace Desktop/Wallpaper

I try not to make graphics, lately. I really do. That's why I haven't released any icons recently. But sometimes you just wanna try something out in photoshop. And then you tweak it. And then you put a picture on it. And then a quote. And then you have a wallpaper. Whoops.

I've been trying to rest my arms so that I can use what time I'm in front of the computer for USEFUL things, like reading your journals or making products for the cafepress store. But sometimes the urge to mess around with graphics just takes me.


Yeah, it's too small to read the quote. It's Maj. Kusanagi from Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell series, with what I consider to be an appropriate cyberspace quote and some background stuff I created. To see it larger, click whatever version you're most interested in...

800x600 with quote on the left

800x600 with quote on the right

1024x768 with quote on the left

1024x768 with quote on the right

I moved the quote to different sides so that people can use the desktops on whatever platform they want and not necessarily have it covered with icons. Hope some of y'all like it.

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