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Traditional Valentines Day Post

Firstly, I hope every one of you has a fantastic Valentines day, be it with a sweetie, or by laughing evilly as you fling water balloons at couples ^_^ It's a holiday. Find a way to enjoy it!

Secondly, I get up this morning and of all things what do I see on the coffee table.


Orchids, of all things.

We're not a really "flowery" couple in general, so to get up and find orchids just floored me. Go, thudpucker.

So, I'd been thinking of putting a surprise new desktop on his laptop before he surprised me, so now that's he's suprised ME, it's pretty much a given. I found a picture of the I Love Lucy logo and removed the text to make a blank template on which I wrote I Love Martin in Allegro font. I mention this because it's still early enough for YOU to use the template if you feel so inclined. It's a blank template, why let it go to waste?

Template is here...

Thirdly, on the V theme, check out the trailer for V for Vendetta, which is a movie you REALLY SHOULD see...


I broke up with google, you can, too. FYI, for my searching I now use Clusty, which seems to give just as many hits, without tracking your hits, and you can organize the results by type.

Lastly, this has no damn relevance whatsoever. It's just cute. And neat.


CORRECTION: They are lilies. Shows what I know about plants o_0
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