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Potpourri Post

1. This is funny. In the same vein as

2. This just stokes the hell out of me. I think this is the furthest anyone has gotten towards returning Zeppelins to the skies since there WERE Zeppelins in the skies. Anyone who has ever asked me what I'd do with a zillion dollars has heard me say "Establish trans-atlantic Zeppelin service." Dear to my heart. When I first read about it, I considered asking to work there even as a janitor just so I could be a part of it.

3. This is funny as hell. Warren Ellis (comics guy) and Joss Whedon go at each other in the comments to this entry.

4. Many of you know that I don't stop and let my bags be dug through when leaving places like CostCo and Fry's. Here's a good article/tale/story about why you don't have to, what your rights are, why it's done (on the second page) and how far the store is allowed to go before they are illegally infringing on your rights as a patron.

5. And for my freezing friends in Canada, I know it's small comfort, but it isn't ALWAYS warm and perfect in California. Tonight we have a chance of hail and it's supposed to get down to 3 degrees. I know you have it worse, but I thought it might cheer you slightly to know ice occurs here, too.

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