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Hey, I'd be updating y'all on my life, but very little changes. And I'd be releasing icons, but I rarely can make them anymore because of the whole arm/hand/shoulder thing. So. Links.

1. It glows. Blue. And moves. For up to four hours. Not only a cool thing to have in the house (and add to my glowy things collection) but also an excellent cat toy. And remember to scroll down and check out the atomic dogtags as well. If Amazon carried it, they would sooooo be on my wish list.

2. So far I don't think they have enough findings yet, and nowhere NEAR enough gold or copper metallics, but here's a neat little thing where you can build your own bead necklace and then they mail it to you.

3. If we're ever in Arizona, we want to stay here. Who says there are no cool theme motels anymore?

4. Fun little Einstein toy. So far my favorite thing to have him say is "OMG my mustash is all tikkly and stuff LOL!!1!"
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