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Okay, story. First of all, everyone knows how my hair job turned out a lot darker and less red than I wanted and that it was a bit of a downer for me (It's actually getting less red and more brown by the day...but that's normal). Well, postrophe asked his mom for me where she got her hair done cause he knew the place she goes is inexpensive. When his mom found out I didn't like my color, she suggested this lady who REALLY needs the business but volunteered to come along since she the hairdresser doesn't speak english really well. So I said, great, probably in a couple of months, I can't afford it right now. Well, his mom was pretty upset cause she doesn't want me unhappy with my hair all that time (she's REALLY nice). Now, cause postrophe wanted to get me a Halloween outfit and couldn't find one (so far, neither can I) he decided, since he still wanted to do something nice for me for the Halloween party on Saturday, to pay for my hair!! I'm a bit uncomfy with it, I don't like spending his money, but it's true I don't like my hair, it's his money, he makes good cash now, the place is inexpensive and the lady needs business, so... I'm going for it. On the other hand, I'm also nervous cause my hair needs to go lighter so it will be really hard and drying on my hair tomorrow, plus the party IS Saturday and the first few days of going red the color is REALLY DayGlo. So with all that I'm REALLY nervous. I AM very grateful for Richard and his mom doing all this for me, so I feel like I should be more comfortable and joyful, but I figure that will come after it's all over and my hair is (hopefully) okay. Right now the big task is getting to sleep with my nerves like this. Wish me luck.


BTW, "Rerun" and Jack Elam to go....

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