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I know I usually only post at the end of the day, but I have two pieces of good news.

One is that I know why I'm so nervous about going to get my hair done. The reason is because I've NEVER left a hairdressers happy! I always hate the cuts I get and other than that I've had 2.5 perms done there. One you couldn't tell anything had been done, one I hated but only kept cause my boyfriend really liked it (AND paid for it) and the .5 is one I got but hated so badly I went straight back to get taken out! So with the fact that I've never had a good experience at the hairdressers and I've never had my hair dyed at one, it's only natural for me to have the willies right now.

Second, I FINALLLLLLLY know what I'm going as for Halloween! Good thing since the party is tomorrow! I wanted something that allowed me to wear my big black hooded cloak but wasn't the same thing EVERYONE wears and I thought of it! Banshee! And anyone who's known me from Rocky knows I'm quite capable of screaming well, too. Turns out they wear a GREY cloak, but considering the fact that cloaks are so expensive I think most people will accept it. Other than that all I need is a green dress, and I have a teal one if worse comes to worst, but I think I should be able to find SOMEthing at the thrift store tomorrow. Some people say woolen dress, some say shiny, so there's lots of room for interpretation. Otherwise she needs a pale complexion ( I think I can do THAT, duh) and, get this, bright red hair! So even if I'm positively DayGlo tomorrow, it will go with the outfit! Also, they have red eyes from all the weeping, but I think that my contacts will take care of that just fine XP

YAY! I found an outfit that's easy, cheap and different and lets me play in my cloak AND is a traditional Scary outfit (as opposed to going as Spongebob, for example...)

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