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robyngoodfellow mentioned to me today that I hadn't posted in a while. Here is my excuse list ^_^

1. I have Ambassador College pics and .mov files to post, but I should post them both here AND the web page and that requires me to redesign the web page...

2. I have some icons I could post, but it's not a full set, yet.

3. I have pictures of my cousin John's wedding (that we drove to Vegas AND BACK in one day) to post, but I should go through all of them and lighten the dark ones first and then zip and mail them to him first.

4. I've been busy applying for financial aid for college.

5. I've been smoking crack playing lots of Animal Crossing every day (and I STILL can't get my damn DS to go online!)

6. I've got a buttload of books from the library I've been trying to get through before they need to go back. On the bright side, I finished both "168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your House" and "Deed of Death" about the Willam Desmond Taylor murder in the last 24 hours.

7. Still trying to keep up with popomundo, as well as maintaining the quality_icons community.

8. Still trying to regularly go to LASFS and been driving out at least one day a week to help mom, since she hasn't gotten her license back, yet.

So you see, for someone massively underemployed, I actually have been quite busy...

That's about the closest to an update I think I'll be getting for few days, at least...

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