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Firstly, the weirdness. I woke up thinking that Ray Bradbury would die on May 6th. I hope not, I like him and like him around.

Secondly, I'm Canuckizing my little town of Cardamom in Animal Crossing. I've changed the town's theme song to "Oh, Canada!" and every other sentence people are ending with the phrase "eh, hoser?" I've also changed about 80% of the clothes in the store to red and white, including a maple leaf shirt ^_^ It amuses me. I'm not changing the town flag, 'cause hey, it's still my town, but it's cute to have little Canadian animals running around going "eh!" at everyone ^__^

And yes, I know all Canadians don't do that, I've BEEN there, but it still amuses me.



Assume you are mistaken for someone famous at a baseball game in Canada and ushered quickly to the center of the field with a microphone before you can protest. The music starts. How much of Oh Canada do you know? Assume you can't get the music to stop and have to wing it IMMEDIATELY! What lyrics do you sing?

Canadians, assume this is happening in America, try to get all the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner without cheating.

This should be amusing. Do not look at your fellow students papers 'til you are finished ^_^


EDIT: Now that some other people have put lyrics, I'll post mine in the comments, as well...

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