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I just saved myself a whole heap of time! How, I hear you ask? Well, yesterday I went to my dad and stepmoms for a barbecue with the rest of her family. I took a bunch of pictures and movies. Then we went and saw the local illegal-as-fu** fireworks show (I think I lost some arm hair to a couple of the roman candles). I took photos and full movie action shots of the fireworks going off low and RIGHT over our heads. Then, I came home and downloaded the photos to my desktop. This afternoon, I deleted the folder on my desktop. I thought it was empty and that I had removed all the photos. I hadn't.

So you see, I saved myself ALL KINDS of time on editing photos and posting them and movies in this entry. WHAT a timesaver!

Current Beverage: Iced Decaf Coffee with a lobster stir-stick

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