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Been a few days since I've updated, I haven't exactly been Spare Time Woman.

Saturday we spent most of the day running hither and yon looking for anything we could to find Costumes That Didn't Suck. Costume shops, thrift stores, Toys 'R' Us, etc. Between that and getting our Weekly Dry Ice we didn't get home till 6:30. This is bad because we were bringing the dry ice for the Halloween party that night and the party started at 6. We were Horribly Selfish and grabbed food on the way home, though, since I hadn't eaten all day.

Martin was nice and not only went to Burger King, but also got a kids meal so that I could have two different Hamtaro Halloween figures! I got Penelope and Hamtaro which were both in my top half of the ones I want (I WANT them all, but those were in the top half, Penelope being who I wanted most...) Speaking of which, I think this is the last week they have them so if anyone has extras or is going there, please get me Ham-Hams! The odds of me getting all of them are soooo low! I absolutely must have Bijou next, her little Halloween kitty cat has glowy eyes!

Anyways we ate and got dressed. After all the running around, the lack of sleep we put up with to try and find good costumes and everything we had NOTHING to show for it so we both threw on our default costumes, wraith and doctor, and drove to Buena Park. We ALMOST didn't go, that's how wrung out and exhausted we were, but we knew we were the only ones with dry ice and we had promised and were being counted on so we went.

In the end we were glad we went, at least I was, I THINK Martin was but I can't speak for him. I mentioned at the party that this is the only party I go to in a year on average and everyone decided that I should Therefore Drink More. Originally, I was wary of that, alcohol being Carbs From Hell, but eventually I decided yeah, I go to so few parties and this year I'm not the Designated Driver so I went ahead and had an Inebriated Time. I ended up talking a lot to a guy named Ben who was pretty cool and I might see again since he hangs with Richard too and lives pretty close by.

FYI, picture of me, spazzychic and Ben at the party. I photoshopped myself to look better. You may not care, you may not think I needed it, but it's my photo and my journal, so nyeeeahhh =P

Sunday was both finishing up cleaning the house day and having people over day. No, that is not a coincidence ^_^ . apostrophe, spazzychic and daktacular came over and watched Wargames and UHF with us, with a break for Numero Uno pizza in between, which is actually both me and spazzychic's favorite pizza. By the time they left I was exhausted and ready for bed even though it was early. It had been a long weekend.

So of course, with the first time I can sleep in in days, my body wakes me at 7:30 in the morning. Bitch. Some of you may wonder why it is I check all my friends livejournals every day. Well this morning I went and got caught up and found that in the two days I've been away from my computer ladypixel had added 18 screenfuls of livejournal entries, NOT INCLUDING cuts. I'm not complaning, I just find it freaking hilarious. Thankfully most of it was on the same subject. Kisses, ladypixel.

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