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I've found a fun way to "fritter" time AND money! YAAAYYYY! It's Everything there, even with extra money for an added chain, is under 10 bucks. They call it free, but if it's 5.99 plus 3 bucks for a chain, out the door, it's under 10 bucks, not FREE. But here's the fun part. It's all sterling silver and real gemstones. And the jewelry available changes every 5 minutes. Each piece is available for 20 minutes before another piece gets rotated in. It's pretty addictive. I haven't ordered yet, but ohhhhhhhhh it's been tempting. So I thought I'd pimp it out to y'all in case you might be interested, too.

No, I'm not getting kickback for pimping them. What's the kickback on 5.99 anyways, eh?
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