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Take 3-4 hours sometime in the next few days (hours when you're awake, smartasses) and turn off the tv. Turn off the computer. Spend those hours doing other stuff, stuff you don't have to do. No shopping errands, no working on the car, cleaning the house. Preferably not in a book that sucks the time away before you know it. It's quite nice. I listened to some quiet music, played with the cats, paged through a new magazine. You really should try it.



A: I've decided some day I hope to be an old woman who lives on the beach. I'll have a couple cats and maybe a Stupid Little Dog who I'll make wear little outfits. I'll spend my time making twee little paintings that I'll show at tiny little art fairs and sell them to yuppies with too much money who don't realize they're really crap.

B: Pork rinds are too light and crispy to eat without paying attention. They aerosolize easy and then you inhale them and cough a lot.


See? If you try it, you get all sorts of fascinating revelations!

Current Beverage: Caramel Iced Latte
Current Magazine: Coastal Living

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