Fritters (fritters) wrote,

What a difference a day makes....

Yesterday was hot, summery and the sky was grey and it's cool, feels like fall and the sky is a perfect blue. This is sooo much nicer. It always cools off just in time for Halloween...

Well, yesterday was basically spazzychic day (it was her 21st birthday). Spent the afternoon picking up her present and the evening hanging out with her, postrophe, her sister katvixen, daktacular, Richard's roomie Bill and Martin. We all went to dinner at Kisho, a teppan restaurant in BumFu** Egypt. We all had a nice meal followed by presents, weirdness and then everyone except Martin went for coffee-ish drinks at Psychobabble in Los Angeles. Pictures and more details behind the cut cause not everyone in the world probably wants all the pics loading on their friends pages.

Kisho was nice, as always, although our chef was not the utmost experienced chef we've ever had there, his aim was occasionally off and daktacular almost ended up with a shrimp cocktail the hard way. (shrimp tail in his drink...) Still, we all had a good time, spazzychic had her first sake as well as the neon green drinks they call ninjas, on my recommendation, because they rawk. nevwynelf would love these, its half or so Midori and half pineapple juice. Anyways, after dinner they brought spazzychic her dessert (mochi) and gave her the traditional Bizarre Geisha Wig and Fan they take pictures of all the birthday girls in and sang her Happy Birthday and Something in Japanese. Here's a pic of her being all coquettish and geisha.

Being a lightweight and having had 2 drinks in her, she decided to try and eat her mochi with the little plastic swords they impale bar garnishes with. She took a lovely little mochi, put together lovingly in the japanese tradition of attractive food presentation and turned it into....well....this....

We all thought it looked pretty disgusting and you really had to see her playing with it, the light catching the ice cream and making it look slimy, the pastry stretching in ways that were grotesquely reminiscent of places I won't was pretty sad in a hilarious sort of way. FYI, katvixen pulled the Sword from the Mochi, so she is officially Japan's New Emporer.

Next there were presents, although half the people on my friends list don't know her, so I won't list off everything she got from her sister, katvixen and I CAN'T list what I got her since I got the same thing for someone else on my friends list for Christmas...

Afterwards none of us had the SLIGHTEST clue what to do, but didn't want the night to end so we went to Psychobabble, ordered drinks and then sat around for a bit trying to figure out what to do. This is where it gets weirder. We thought of a lot of games to play, but as it turns out the only one with any gaming equipment of any sort was me, with a deck of cards. So this is how we ended up playing 5 card draw poker with a Sailor Moon deck for Equal packets till past midnight. I took a pic just for the bizarre memory of it all.....

Notice everyone's eyes closed to avoid the Flashbulb of Doom. Thus ended a weird night of birthday hilarity.....

Also, as required, I attach here in a second cut the pointless quiz memes that I have a tendency to indulge in....




Automatic Halloween Costume Generator by kendokamel
Your name
Your costumeA Pirate (ARRRRRR!!!!)
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

This bastard kept sticking me in Gryffindor until I decapitalized my name. You would think it would know that anyone who makes a point of capitalization even in a stoopid meme belongs in Ravenclaw....

Your Years at Hogwarts by nevermindless
The Sorting Hat places you in: Ravenclaw (Blue and Bronze)
Subject you are naturally best at: Astronomy
Your favorite book: Dragon-Breeding for Pleasure and Profit
Pet you bring to school: Northern Pygmy Owl
You are most known for: Your constant teasing.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Tomorrow night we're going ghost hunting Halloween night, probably at the Queen Mary, since it's the only place we've ever searched and gotten any sort of a positive result at all. Unfortunately, there will probably be no positive pictures to post of ghosties as we've yet to get anything like that, but with a little luck I'll have a tale to tell.....

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