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07 September 2006 @ 09:03 am
Save 40 abused cats  
This is actually an email forwarded by my mom, but if anyone else could help on this, I think we only need a few more people to whine about this to save the lives of 40 abused cats. The receptionist is very nice and helpful, so it's REALLY easy to call and talk to her. I left a message for the mayor.

Please call, fax and write letters to the West Covina government
members listed in the end of this email.


Diana Wendt
407 No. Lark Ellen
West Covina 91791 needs our help!

She has been caring for, spaying and neutering (finances permitting) about 40 neighborhood strays, who are the result of the negligence by the people in the area... allowing un-fixed cats to roam.

3 mos ago 1 household started a petition for the city to impound
and kill them. 2 other household signed...but none of the other neighbors signed the petition even after 3 mos of the original persons trying to get them to.

Someone has been abusing the cats, one was killed so Diana built
an enclosure in her yard to protect the cats and added air conditioning. Baldwin Park Animal control saw the set up and said the cats looked good and they did not want to take them in.

However, because of this petition signed by only 3 neighbors it
has now gone to the City of West Covina, which will be considering
ordering Animal control to impound and kill them. That also means that 40 cats in the shelter will be killed to make room for them.

Please contact by letter, fax and calls the below named authorities and URGE them to do the humane thing and let Diana and the groups
she is working with (Stray cat alliance, Feral Cat Alliance, CARE, and Animal Alliance, of Orange County) to get the remaining ones fixed, help Diana find them homes and allow the ferals to stay there and LIVE in the T N R philosophy

Mayor - Steve Herfert,
Mayor Pro tem - Mike Touhy
City Council members: Roger Hernandez, Sherri Lane, Shelley Sanders

They all have the ame fax, phone numbers and address

phone 626 939 8401,
fax 626 939 8406

City Hall address:
West Covina City hall
1444 West Garvey
West Covina, Ca 91790

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MollieA: SuitStaredognotspicy on September 7th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)
Gads. Government bureaucracy at work. What ever happened to common sense and compassion? They should be happy that an individual has taken it upon themselves to help out these animals in need. And animal control should have stepped in and given their blessing to this private shelter and told West Covina to piss off. That sucks that more of the neighbors aren't more supportive.
Fritters: Machall Shaking my Fist by Frittersfritters on September 8th, 2006 01:11 am (UTC)
Hey, cats don't vote. Those 3 signatures do. I hate studid people.

Didja call?