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...what you've all been waiting for. the end, it wasn't all my friends telling me how they'd support me no matter what that made me decide to go ahead and spill how my life has changed recently. I appreciated it, and y'all are full of wisdom, which I love it when you share. There was a stronger power that compelled me to spill.

I can't possibly whine about how difficult and crappy college is unless I tell you guys I've gone back to college.


In other news, my history teacher doesn't teach very well. I read a chapter 5-6 times, take copious notes in class (which I go over at least once) and still do poorly on tests.


I just barely passed the test that allows me to take the lowest level of math required to get a degree, so when I get around to taking algebra (for the 4th time in my life, yet I never failed... long story) I will be struggling like never before. Thankfully, that's not this semester.


I also can't brag if I don't mention college. I took the placement test for English and got this... "Congratulations, this is the top placement. You may be qualified for the Honors Program." I'm still probably not going for honors, because I need to brush up on my basics. The other people on my art team know way more punctuation and grammar than I do. It's flattering and makes me braggy, though.

P.S. It's probably not a permanent team, but the people on my art team are all crazy and rock.

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