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A Man Covered in Squirrels...

...that's what I saw the other day, parking my car after a hard day of College Level History. A Man Covered in Squirrels. Not something you see every day. Pictures occurred.

Okay, not COVERED in squirrels. But you still don't expect to see a guy wearing three baby squirrels. Apparently he works in tree service and had rescued them. They were to be taken to the mountains, away from less principled tree-service-men, at an undisclosed date in the future.

He wanted his son in all the pictures. I'm not really sure why. I don't think his son (who actually spoke the same language as him, unlike me) understood why, either. But here is a picture of him and his son. And squirrels.

Let's be honest. A guy covered in baby squirrels is VERY cool. The coolest part is the baby squirrels, though. Here's a final close-up.

So endeth the Squirrel Wearing.

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