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Parrrrrty Pics

I'm not sure who might be interested in this, but behind yon cut be pictures of the Pirate Party at Enchanted Devas.

The party had everything. A live band, a live bagpipe player (who serenaded us with "Iron Man"), free hot dogs, free beer, free wine, vegetables and dips, chips, salsa... but the real draw was the people. The people were...varied.

This is our host, krystalemerges. I kept this pic largish because there's just so much cool damn detail to her outfit.

Jack Sparrow showed up! This is the actual "Jack" who thudpucker, robyngoodfellow and I met on Hollywood Blvd. in May. Here's thudpucker and him...

...and here's a shot of me with him.

Another Jack showed up later, complete with Jar o' Dirt. Both outfits were spectacular. Martin thought they ought to have a "Jack Off." *groan* Personally, I found the first gentleman (Michael??) was better, I noticed a lot more Absurd Hand Gestures. The first Jack also seemed to have put a lot of effort toward getting the voice down, it was very impressive.

I mentioned we had a lot of variety at the party. Firstly, there were the Raver Goth Pirates...

...later, this lovely young lady took her time to step out of Pleasantville to join us. Apparently they have no free beer in Pleasantville.

The King of Siam showed up, with an Anna getting an outfit upgrade later.

Here's more of a broad overview of the party. There were also punker-looking people, as well as a guy who I swear looked like he belonged in Metallica. And our little LASFS scifi-geek group was there as well.

Here's a lovely little Geisha in Training, playing with a Japanese fan that Tadao brought.

(Tadao! If you see this! I need a link for you! Surely you have something online for business purposes?)

Dr. Arizona and Tadao showed up together, which was good because Dr. Arizona was quite fond of the "free wine" concept.

Here's a shot of Dr. Arizona and me.

This is a shot of "Scarlett" and John. He had no idea why I wanted him to pose with her. I think the reason is apparent just from the shot.

Sadly the frouf got in the way of the lovely period weapon this crackerjack was weilding, but it's still a great outfit and a great pose.

Comments? Questions? Pieces of Eight?
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