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Picture post...

Not many pictures, as I've stated before. Four pictures and 2 movies. I thought you might like them, though, that's why I'm posting them...

A hamster sleeping in a PetSmart. Too cute not to share.

Hunley, being all flippy.

Last Saturday, as part of my Art Homework, we went to the Brewery Art Walk. I did my paper on the work of John Brunnick, but I loved this other guy's stuff. As I told Martin, if I did sculpture, it would be EXACTLY like this. On the downside, I never got the poor bastards name, so here is a bunch of art from some guy I don't know the name of. Bad Misty. No biscuit.

First, a jellyfish. It was about 4 feet long or so.

Second, a seahorse. Notice it's filled with little white Christmas lights. I love those damn things.

Some also needed to be made into .movs, this one because the eyes move. Another seahorsey thing...

And lastly there was this HUGE two-headed dragon that apparently was part of a burning man thing. I took a .mov because it was the only way to get the whole thing in the picture! Notice its not only filled with Christmas lights, but has little holographic cicles hanging off bits of it. You can't see it, but it also had 4 green laser pointers for the eyes! You could see the line of sight from them and where it hit the walls....

And once again, I feel the need, literarily, to finish with a final paragraph instead of just leaving the post ended at a .mov file, but have no idea what to write here. This is a recurring theme. So, comments on pictures then?

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