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Here, for your edification, is a list of the top 20 Hallowe'en costumes for adults.

1. Witch
2. Pirate
3. Vampire
4. Cat
5. Clown
6. Fairy
7. Gypsy
8. Superhero
9. Ghost/Ghoul
10. Dracula
11. Devil
12. Woman of the Night
13. Nurse
14. Pumpkin
15. Athlete
16. Princess
17. Zombie
18. Angel
19. French Maid
20. Cowboy/Cowgirl

Kinda makes you want to be more inventive this year, huh?

And why is it most women's costumes can be boiled down to either "frump" or "slut" (with 85-90% falling in the slut category)? I hate that. Women have no real choices in costumes unless they make it themselves.

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