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Seeing as I have a party tomorrow night which I am SURE I will be taking pictures at, I just pulled all the pictures off my camera. I thought I might share a couple with ya.

Firstly, this is a picture of some pretty rocks I bought in Topanga Canyon the other day. I love them very much and am considering purchasing more. They're shiny.

Some of you *cough-two-maybe-cough* might want to see my finished project for my art class. This is the one where I had to do 160 pictures and then pick 16 to turn into cut art paper doohickeys and put on a board. Blah blah blah. This was mine. It wasn't the best in class, but thankfully it wasn't the worst, either.

I really liked my example of economy so I turned it into a desktop that one of you will download and none of you will use. But here it is anyways, thumbnail version leads to the 1024x768 version.

The desktop version IS a little crumplety on the edges, I adjusted it from a photo I took in class, through Photoshop.

My friend Jocelyn had an example of economy that just kicked ass over mine, so I took a photo of it and turned it into a background. It's also probably a bit crumplety, but I did the best I could. I made this a desktop mainly for my own use and 'cause I thought Jocelyn might appreciate it, so if you decide to gank this please remember that this design is NOT mine and belongs to Jocelyn, who rules.

That's all, I hope a few of you enjoyed the pictures.

Tags: graphics, photos

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