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The Yearly Hallowe'en Party

Behold! Behind yon cut there are pictures so horrifying, so monstrous, that your eyes will...

Nah, nah, just shots from the party. Feel free to browse through. To those of you who were at the party and not in the shots, apologies. I'm not the best photographer and some just didn't turn out...

This is Lucy. Lucy looks cool. She is dressed as Maleficent. Minus 2 coolness points if you don't know who Maleficent is.

krystalemerges as Little Red Riding Hood and postrophe as a Hood...

I don't remember his name, but he seemed nice.

Matt wants to know... you wanna buy a watch!?!

"Are the cheese puffs supposed to emit their own light??"


Amber and guests...

lironess, Queen of the Spider Wimmen!!

An even cooler punkin...

And two heavily photoshopped pictures of me in my costume...

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