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Picture Post

Post in which I drown y'all in the photos I have from when spazzychic was down here visiting. This photo set shall include Thanksgiving with Mom and spazzychic's and my day out on the town.

Amber and Martin across the table from Mom and me at Coco's (house of the Neverending Harvest Pie), Thanksgiving 2006.

Martin pimping some herbal thing that Mom takes because it calms down her and the pets and her chiropracter's German shepherd. Best not to ask.

Me counting off the ways in which I can rationalize having pie for dessert. Well, no, I have no idea what we're talking about, but don't I look earnest...

Mom. Possibly the only person who really came across well in the photos that afternoon.

A nice shot of Amber and Martin. I apologize, BTW, for the plethora of photos in this post, but I don't know which Amber will want to keep as tokens of her trip, so I'm posting pretty much all the even halfway decent shots.

And, Lo! The next day dawns. Amber and I stumble out in the quest to visit krystalemerges's pirate shop and stop to check out a cool Catholic church on Lankershim in N. Hollywood. This is her pointing out a way better shot than the one I was currently taking.

The Way Better Shot.

A Nice Courtyard, complete with old bell.

Holy Water. From a spigot.


If I stepped back any further on this next shot, I would've had sun problems, that's why the top of the cross is missing. Still, quite detailed I thought.

We then went across the street to a bric-a-brac shop, which had 2 very pretty but unsocial birds outside.

Amber displaying a lovely piece of frouf we found inside. FYI, the reason a lot of my pictures are blurry is that I've come to loathe how flashes make most pictures look so I'm trying to use it a lot less, but haven't yet actually learned how to hold the damn camera steady.

Igloo Industrial Drinking Water. What specifically makes drinking water more industrial than other drinking water. And would you really want to drink it??

A bunch of bric-a-brac and a peek at Amber.

CONTEST WITH NO PRIZE! What is this device for? Winner has the funniest answer. No actually saying what it's for, that's no fun at all.

And off we go to Enchanted Devas. Here's a shot Amber took of a pirate, a cannon, some feet and other asst. stuff.

Amber showing "Tits" a sock octopus.


This picture is way washed out, but it's a shot of "Heidi" (I think) who is Martin's and my favorite pirate in the shop.

Amber and I wanted to be impulsive, so we stopped off at a Caribbean restaurant around the corner from Enchanted Devas. This is the interior.

Amber liked the Pineapple Vases, so I, being the shutterhappy critter I am, took a picture of that, too.

We had Fritters!!

We both had the "caribbean burrito", since most items were curried and we were having curry for dinner. Turns out the filling of the burrito?? Curry!

We were also waited on by Creepy Waiter Guy. I will be polite and not go into the ways he was creepy, but suffice it to say I didn't want to go to restroom because then both of us would be alone. As it is, when we split the bill, he made one bill 24 and one 16. That's a split? And then, get this, even though our credit cards looked COMPLETELY different, he apparently put BOTH bills on MY credit card. Which caused me to be ONE DOLLAR overdrafted and get a 28 dollar overdraft charge. Moron. I bitched to WaMu, so the restaurant, due to his screw up, is not getting the other 16.

But enough bitching.

After that we went to my favorite Strip Mall, deep in Topanga Canyon. Amber took this pleasant shot out of the window.


The world's weirdest cute cat bank.

There was also a shot of our coffee repasts, complete with lemon bar and creme brulee bar, but I excluded it as I had forgotten to stir my iced coffee yet, and there were unappetizing little lumps of Sweet'n'Low piled on top of the floating ice cubes.

You're welcome.

LOSCON pics (and movies!) to appear at a later date.
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