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Well, I hope none of y'all were holding your breath waiting for my LOSCON '06 pictures, because it's likely several of you have passed out by now. I DID finally edit them. Where I found the time between finals and college in general and the holidays and the plethora of birthdays, I don't know, but I did.

This shot was actually taken by thudpucker, early enough on that I hadn't realized what a pain in the ass the hat was going to be. spazzychic and I at that Star Wars-ed out car you always see on the internet. Hanging with the 'D2.

If Amber doesn't get the Enterprise first, the Doomsday Machine will!

...and here's a little movie of the Doomsday Machine with some impromptu special effects provided by postrophe (who was nice enough to pay my way into LOSCON!)

Martin gave blood and got a fishie for it. And he gave me the fishie! Yay, fishie!

ACTION SHOT! Roger Rose and Martin.

Part of the crew of the Firefly. I thought this was probably the coolest group costume. And Kaylee is STILL adorable!

I wanted to take this girl's pic because I thought her outfit looked cool. She apparently thought I knew what her outfit was from and posed appropriately. Four times. Then she decided she liked this one best.

For future reference, in all the costumes I post, the Firefly group is the only costume I recognize. From here on in, don't expect me to describe who they're cosplaying as, I don't know.

Two cool pictures I saw for sale in the huckster's room. Yes, I got the artist's permission before I snapped these.

Michelle, resplendant with sword.

A guy in a cool outfit.

A group of people in cool outfits.

Rosie and Chaos (would that be chaoswolf?). Rosie is a good friend of ours and Chaos is actually an elf in disguise, I think. I've never met anyone so naturally elven/pixie/faun in their ways and mannerisms before in my life. She just wasn't really human and I can't explain it.

robyngoodfellow!! This is the shirt we almost bought you! We bought you something even COOLER instead ^________^

This is SUCH a cute outfit.

On to the Saturday night party pictures! DISCLAIMER: If you haven't read my previous picture post about how I'm not using flash so much and therefore all my pictures are blurry and suck, you might want to go back and review.

Amber flashing Tadao's BadgeFu

Still no flash! Amber at the Toronto party!

Three Pritty Fairies

This one I used the flash on. Looks harsh, huh? Still, a cute outfit. I need to start a "buy Misty a small tripod" fund...

BEHOLD mah pritty neckliss!!

Peggy and John.

Left to right, Me, Amber, Martin, John and Peggy. I apparently have spotted angels heading my way. This puzzles Martin. John and Peggy are in their own cute little world.

...and violet_tigress1 in a way cute outfit.

The wackier stuff got saved as movies. I highly suggest them, even the long one. For some reason I was getting some sound playback problems the last time I listened to them, but not when I first checked them, so hopefully you'll get the whole effect.

Firstly, I don't even know how we came up with this idea, but here's Amber a'kissin' mah boyfrend! 1.3 meg

This guy had a whole schtick with this outfit, which he tried to go through for the movie, but Amber hijacked it... You need to see this one. 1.4 meg

At one point we met a gentleman named Bill (I still wish I knew his last name). He was hands-down the weirdest person I met at the con, and I talked to a guy with a red and green flashing viking helmet. He was very odd, consented to have his "cow" filmed, and then I apparently scared him off.... 2.2 meg

This next one is I THINK selinawoman showing Amber the proper way to bow. Big, but worth it. 7.2 meg

Comments, inaccuracy edits and photography critiques below...
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