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Late Fall Pic Post...

WARNING: The following pictures, barring a couple of landscapes, will probably bore most people who do not know me personally.

You clicked on the link? Damn, you must be pretty bored. Either that or know me. In any case, here we go...

Firstly, my art class required me to paint something. And, with the brilliant masking suggestions of Jocelyn, it didn't suck! So here is a picture of Project 4, demonstrating several types of color schemes. Each one of these damned boxes took me about 3.5 hours and 2 codeine, but I'm pleased with the results...

Here is a shot of a tree outside my art class. I pumped up the contrast to match how I remember it, but it was pretty awesome so I think the colors on this are pretty accurate...

My kitties on the bed. It's hard to adjust a picture with all of them in it without either blowing out Hunley's whites or losing Max in the blackness...


"This meal is brought to you by.... Carbs and Fat! Carbs and Fat, for when simply celebrating isn't enough...."

Note the raspberry iced tea, filled with high fructose corn syrup, the pancakes with only 1/3rd on the butter used actually on it yet and the big pile of extra cripsy potatoes...

On my birthday, if I want to put little hats on the cats, I will...

...and I will.


"This special Numero Uno lunch has been brought to you by... Carbs and Fat! Remember Carbs and Fat when you want to celebrate BIG!"

Please note the romano bread puffs, swimming in butter as well as our main course of super thick chewy crust pizza, struggling it's way out of the weight of Extra Cheese. Alcoholic beverage optional.


"This birthday dinner is brought to you by..." ...Aw, you get the idea. Note the margarita, flouta and tamale.

I was really struck by how blue the mountains across the valley looked on my last day at art class, last Monday...

David and Kania watching the presentations in class...

My two best friends in art class, Kania and Jocelyn ^_^

Yet more peeps from art class. I'm posting this one more for my benefit than yours, so I can just check LJ to remember all the people who made it special ^_^

Speaking of final classes, this is Beki and Sam, without whom I probably would've failed history. Thanks MOUNTAINS, guys!

Martin's bebby kitties luuuuuuuuurrve him...

Note: Penguin Pants

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