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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today is my favorite day of the year. Seriously. Hallowe'en your outfit might not work or you may not have anywhere to wear it (been there, done that). My birthday and tomorrow both have the double-edge of presents. Not that I don't love presents, I'm human, I DO. But I worry, will people like what they're opening from me? Will I respond as big as the person is hoping when I open this? Where shall I put this anyways? Will I remember to thank everyone or miss anyone? And will I get to the restaurant on time? If we take our time and enjoy everything will Martin get to bed too late for work tomorrow?

But today, ahhhh, today. I always make sure I have nothing to do today. Except what I want. I get the anticipation of presents coming without the accompanying worry my brain seems to generate. I don't have to be anywhere, so no stress there, just sitting around enjoying the holiday. Reveling in Rankin-Bass specials, cinnamon in my coffee, laying on the floor reading while being Seriously Catted.

I love the 24th of December.

And did I mention I had time to play in Photoshop? I made you something! Yes, YOU!! You probably already know what it is, I love to make these, but go ahead, anyways, and

Or should I say presents?

Yeah, it's a bit late to get use out of this year, but take one. Or three!
And I got them in different sizes 'cause I didn't know what size your monitor was wearing this year...




Merry Christmas, you!

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