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Pondering Bloggies...

The voting is up for the 2007 bloggies. I like being able to go through what are considered the best blogs the web has to offer. I've added some neat things to my friends page that way.

I'm trying to be far more... accurate is, I suppose, the word, in my voting this year. So far I'm trying to honestly check out every one on the five blogs up for each particular award. And that leads to thoughtiness.

What makes these blogs better? A lot of them are just blogs from ordinary folk. Some are more educational simply in that they bring information from places where it's hard to hear from the Ordinary Person, like China, Iraq or the Gaza Strip. Some aren't, though.

I'm leaning toward the idea that a lot of them are just better written than a lot of the things us non-nominated unwashed-mass are doing. I'd love it if y'all looked over some and reported back, though. Do they just CARE about their writing more? Are these people actually just brighter than us? Do they have more fascinating insights? Is it because they have more professional looking photos and more of them? Or are they just less exclusionary? ("I can write about the new color of my shoes because all my friends know about me and shoes and get it...")

What makes a quality blog? How is mine different? How is yours different? Do you care? Should I?

Yeah, yeah, no one likes assigned homework except the massively bored ^_^

In other news, it's raining and I like that!

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