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Many Things...

First of all, I REALLY liked this cartoon...

Second of all, I found, through Dave Barry's Blog a place that shows off really weird album covers. This was my favorite of the ones there, but there are lots of other weird ones, in lots of weird ways, so you may want to stop by.

qphelia, any translation?

And now, to finally get off my fat ass, The Halloween Update.

First of all, spazzychic and daktacular had invited us to hang with them on Halloween and go ghost hunting since we'd done it before. Previously we had only one semi-positive and that wasn't even with the only piece of semi-real equipment we had, Martin's digital camera. The only previous positive were some weird noises in one of the elevators on the Queen Mary. None of us could place them, although one member of our party (either the more psychic or the more imaginative member, you choose) thought it sounded like voices laughing at us.

Anyways, we originally headed out to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary, but it turned out the Halloween Haunt thingy was HUUUUUUUUUGE, and therefore so was the line. It was decided by most of us to try another place I had chosen in Long Beach as our Emergency Back Up Haint Spot. I only hadn't agreed to leave the Queen cause I would NEVER turn down a chance to see her. She Is My Baby.

So we headed out to DeForest Park/DeForest Nature Trail, which according to my info file said...

Long Beach - DeForest Nature Trail - Black Figures seen floating around...moaning heard and children laughing...cold spots and screaming heard. Especially by the end towards the riverbed trail.

Long Beach - Deforest park - There’s cold spots. Voices saying help me and saying peoples names. Rapid footsteps. Spots where there are no sounds and then all of a sudden a whoosh of extremely cold air. Whispering of more than one voice at late night there is thick fog with in the forest and a beam of light within the fog...

(The previous is gleefully stolen from spazzychic's journal, why do more research than I have to?)

So, anyways, we were hanging in the "end towards the riverbed trail", one of the more haunted areas and were getting a bit tired of getting nothing. So getting a bit cavalier, I was saying things along the lines of... "C'mon, this place is supposed to HAUNTED, it's HALLOWEEN, can'tcha give us a little ECTOPLASM or something?!?" but we were getting nothing. Eventually, after getting several interesting pictures, due to the fact it was raining, but nothing that couldn't be EASILY explained by rain refraction Martin said something along the lines of "Okay, now, this is your LAST CHANCE, we're leaving after this picture, now if you wanna show us something I'm taking the picture on the count of three. One.....Two.....Three...........


This was followed by me saying "Well if you showed us anything, Thanks, if not, well....then poop," which was in turn shortly followed by daktacular saying "If you showed us nothing, then we hate you."

And while we were saying this, Martin was checking the back of the digi to see what we got, followed shortly by the phrase "Holy Living Fuck" or something else serious enough to drag our asses to the camera and shut us the hell up.

I'm gonna make you scroll for the pic, cause it's more dramatic that way...

There was absolutely no fog at the time, although it WAS still raining, so I freely dismiss the orbs in the background, but what the HELL is that in the foreground? We all pretty much agree it looks like it has eyes AND is reaching out (towards Martin? Ewwww!!)

After this we thanked whatever the hell caused the picture to turn out like that MUCH more politely than previously and got the Living Heck Outta There. But being the Intrepid Ghost Hunters we like to pretend we are, we went from there directly to the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery in Calabasas. (Shouldn't it be called the Calabasas Pet Cemetery??) On the way there we decided that at least for the time being, Martin was Fred, I was Daphne, Amber was Velma and Matt was Shaggy. Yeah, I know, meaningless chatter, I just wanted to include it. This is a blog, not a magazine article.

This was the BIGGEST proof we ever had on ever finding anything so we were pretty stoked in a spooky sorta way and at the pet cemetery we didn't find much for a while. Still, eventually when talking to the pets, we did get the following pic. It was still lightly drizzling and there was still not a touch of fog and we had no other pics in the area that came out like this...

We all still were a bit freaked by this, but didn't leave immediately, my main reason was that I'm a lot more spooked by something that looks ghosty in an area where children's screams are heard than in an area where people buried their most beloved animals.

After that we got no more definites at the cemetery and went to the Calabasas Hangin' Tree where what passed for justice was dispensed a long time ago and we got a weird light in an area where one shouldn't be, but that's about it. We were also going to try the Haunted Canoga Park Jack in the Box, but they wouldn't let us in. Bastards.

We've all pretty much agreed that we need to go back to DeForest Park and bring more equipment, though.

If you'd like to see spazzychic and daktacular's P.O.V. on these, they are here and here

Comments?? The pictures shown above have been edited ONLY to the point that I shrunk them down to fit in LiveJournal, although you can see EVERY pic we took that night at if you like, completely without editing.

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