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1. A good quote from the Los Angeles Times...

"Scottish comic Billy Connolly, a former L.A. resident, can't figure out why anyone would knock the City of Angels.

"I remember once, I was driving to Warner Bros. to do 'Head of the Class,' " he told Patt Morrison on her KPCC-FM (89.3) radio show, "and I had a hot rod, a baby blue Ford Roadster, a 1939, and I had the Beach Boys on — 'Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around' — and I was rolling down the hill in my hot rod, and a guy dressed as Jesus was walking up the hill with a cross and he had a wee wheel at the end of his cross so it wouldn't wear out on the road.

"This complete Jesus was walking toward me, and I was listening to the Beach Boys in my hot rod coming down toward him and I'm going to Warner Bros., where Bugs Bunny lives, and I thought, 'Oh, I'm so glad I live here — this is livin'!' ""

2. A good quote from undead_milkman...

"To comment on either of these subjects would be like punching a baby. Easy and fun."

3. Don't wear red to your next test...

4. Observation:

Where did the phrase "Get behind me, Satan" come from? I'd think anyone who believes in him sure as heck wants him as far away as possible, and if he's anything like they portray him on South Park then behind me is the LAST place I'd want him!

5. Cuteness...


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