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Picture Post!

I had a Very Good Weekend.

I was getting strangely emo Saturday evening, so Martin and I went to a new Indian restaurant, since Anarbagh has gone so downhill recently. We went out to India Palace and had a pleasant evening of fantastically flavored and fantastically hot food. (postrophe! We still have coupons and must go there together to show off the place!)

I was still feelin' the wanderlust on Sunday, though, so Martin was Adventurous Above and Beyond the Call of Duty and did pretty much everything I wanted to.

After a quick detour to show Martin the College Cows at Pierce, we continued on to one of my favorite ways of relaxing and killing time. We drove up through Topanga Canyon with the radio on and the windows down until we reached my Favorite MiniMall. spazzychic knows what I'm talking about, as well as , I suppose, anyone who remembers the picture post of Spazzychic's last visit.

We started off at the rug and antique store at the end of the row where Martin and I made acquaintance with Ginger, who was very pleased to meet us.

We spent the most time in Homegrown, which is the knickknack store I took the pictures of the metal cat and octopus lamp in last time. This time we got a shot of this awesome wrapping paper.

That's not all we got, though. I ended up spending money I didn't REALLY have on the most beautiful blue quartz cluster that had been slightly bored to turn into a candle holder, as well as an iridescent stained glass heart. Martin was super sweet and also got me some amber perfume (spazzychic! Remember that cool stuff we smelled and wore! It's THAT!). He also got me an indigo stained glass dragonfly!

I have pictures of neither of these. Sorry.

What I DO have pictures of are the little dogs that were outside my favorite coffee shop (once again, a place I need to show to postrophe). Here's one little dog wondering if Mom is getting anything good to share inside the shop.

Next is the Best Picture of the Day. A pomeranian resting outside while Dad finishes his sammich at a nearby table.

After we finished looking through the stores, we continued on through Topanga Canyon and ended up at a beach in Malibu. I expect most of you know how I feel toward beaches. I burned through the rest of my batteries taking pictures there. Such as this one...

Here is a close up of the little guys covering all of the rocks...

And two more shots of Malibu...

As long as I'm posting pictures, I have two more I've been meaning to show around. I took a shot earlier in the month of the view from Art and Music area at the college. You can see the barn area and some of the cows grazing. This section of the campus is quite idyllic, despite the further off skyline of Warner Center. One day I could hear the cattle lowing from the parking lot ^_^

Here's an unexpected picture. Who is THIS Space Vixen?

Here's a hint. This is from the 1954 Worldcon. Give up?

It's Karen Anderson! Poul Anderson's widow and Martin's boss! Isn't that a FANTASTIC photo?

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