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More pictures...

In a futile attempt to stave off drawing the DoomShroom a few more minutes, here are some pictures of the spiffy things I got from Homegrown on Sunday. I had to process the DoomShroom photos anyways, so I figured I might as well get shots of the pretties.

First is the candleholder, surrounded by some rocks some of you may have seen earlier that I purchased at Hella Bella, the toy store in the same minimall. Sadly, they're out of business now.

Secondly, here's the spiffy little iridescent heart. You can't see the iridescence here, but that's hard to photograph...

Lastly, here's the lovely little indigo dragonfly Martin got for me. It's a little hard to photograph well, but you can get the idea here.

Next time any of y'all are in L.A. I can take you to the spiffy store and maybe you can find some silly shinies that make you happy ^_^

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