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WARNING: Really Long Post!

This should, in theory, be several posts, but I've been busy. I'll try to sum up as much as possible, though.

A few of you remember a few days ago, the Pirate Radio post, where I said the rest of my day would suck, and honestly, most of it did. I called the Dept. of Trans. to ask if I could get a bit of paperwork done and they said come on down so I drove through lunchtime traffic to find out, no I couldn't. Then I went home so that an hour later I could go back so postrophe could have the paperwork he needed. Then a drive through rush hour traffic to get to the place where the car was impounded to find out that Martin had never given Richard the keys. Then a drive home for the keys. Then a drive back to Richard. Then a drive back home to get the RIGHT keys. Then a drive back to Richard. Then we find out that two of the tires have been the sidewall, so fix a flat won't work much. Then a drive to an auto store for enough fix a flat to at least inflate the tires long enough to get to a place to inflate them properly. Then we found out the tank had been siphoned as well. Then we had to go to two different gas stations to keep reinflating the tires to get the dang car to his parents house. Finally, after we did all this (all this which was, as you may recall, Martin's fault and he did none of it) Richard was nice enough to take me to my favorite Indian restaurant in the valley, Anarbagh, noted as the best Indian in Souther California.

There was one other highlight. I saw a rainbow ^_^

Today I had to take mom to and from the doctors for them to stick a tube down her throat and take piccies. Once again, I got the joy of them handing me a photo of mom's innards. Woo.

The nice part was, even though she has more cats, two of them are pwecious widdle kittens and I got to enjoy them for a while. One is lively as heck and spent most of his time killing my hand...

The other was a quiet little sweetie with BEAUTIFUL markings, although they're hard to see here...

I like this picture best, though, because it really captures this guys personality...

Also, mom got some driftwood sculptures from my Aunt Elva. FYI, if anyone is interested in this sort of driftwood sculpture, all different and handmade, let me know and I'll contact my aunt....

The Current Music Box: What is the purpose of this? In my humble opinion, the purpose of this is to show other people what sort of music you are interested in. A random sampling, so to speak.

I don't consider "the hum of the humidifier" or "the sound of your neighbors fighting" to be music. I don't consider them to be representative of your tastes. If you don't HAVE music playing, it's perfectly acceptable to leave the space blank! Even if it is silent, I still consider it acceptable, though, to list what song is in your head. It's still a representation of what you listen to or at least what sticks for you.

Yeah, we're your friends, we like to know about you, but the fact that your refrigerator just kicked off isn't exactly a thrilling detail.

So, please, don't post in the current music box unless there IS current music.

Just my humble opinion.

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