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I decided I'm only gonna post pics of Saturday if any of you care. Basically, I have pictures of the people who played at a benefit at the Universal Bar & Grill for the thing. Me and postrophe sat right up front. If you want to see any of the pics let me know and I'll post them later.

The first artist was Che Zuro, she was really good. Good classic fun music. Download some stuff. I mean it.

The second artist was Two Loons for Tea, who I thought were really mediocre. Kinda like Mazzy Star with anything interesting sucked out. The only reason I took a pic was to show y'all that they had NO stage presence, they sat on little chairs and the singer had her eyes closed like 90% of the time. They didn't move at ALL.

The third artist was Kelly's Lot. The Lot impressed me more than Kelly, although she seemed nice. The only reason I took pics was cause the bassist was kinda cute (in retrospect, not so much.) They are very bluesy and good and the saxophone player and lead guitarist really know what they're doing.They don't stay up late writing their lyrics, though. The first songs chorus was...

I saw the light
I saw the light
I saw the light
It was bright

The fourth artist we saw was Kanary, and I took pics mainly for Martin cause he was sick and thinks Leslie is cute.

The last artist was The Eyeshadows and it may have been how bad the sound mix was but overall I felt they sucked. The only reason I took pics was cause for the first time ever I found a girl (lead guitarist) really, really cute. My 1% of liking the same sex stood up and kicked me.

So if you wanna see any of those pics, lemme know. Otherwise, here's some memes.


You are a sight to behold indeed. Beautiful,
delicate and bright, you inspire everyone
around you. You are often extremely optimistic
and see everything as a new beginning - a new
chance at life. Your happiness is contagious -
people cheer up just being around you.
However... you have a dark side too. You are
prone to bouts of depression. Just as the sun
goes down every day, so your mood can swing
from the brightest of brights to the darkest
nights and deep depression. You need to learn
to hold onto the light and the happiness that
you feel and hold off the sadness that creeps
up on you. If you can do this, there will be no
limit to what you can do!

What Symbol of GOODNESS are you?
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Go for the jugular!

What's Your LJ Drama Type?
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