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Bits and Pieces...

1. I found out today that we got a new Governator yesterday. Woot!

2. If you already have a headache, even a small one, don't vacuum. It will only make it worse.

3. I visit all of my friends journals an average of twice a day. It would behoove you (it would put little hoovies on your feet) to post more than every two weeks.

4. If your roommate has a phobia about roaches and roaches have been seen in the kitchen recently, it's very thoughtless of you to continue using the breadboard all the time and never cleaning it, leaving them to do it or leaving little bits of food so that more roaches show up.

5. Don't kick your foot into a chair. It will hurt.

6. I just found out the leonid meteor shower is tonight. Poop. It's probably too late to catch it because the only person I know of who might be interested in going is postrophe, and he has work in the morning. He probably would've needed more advance warning so he could've napped more. Dang.

Other than the lame-ass name, I like this one. The super-powers are pretty cool.

What Kind Of Superhero Are You? by electronicoffee
Your Username
Your First Name
Your Superhero Last NameGigaia
Your WeaponTrident of Water
Your 1st SuperpowerControl/Summon Animals
Your 2nd SuperpowerMagic [Alchemy]
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Proof that I'm less boring than ordinary human beings.


Children: You are still a child at heart, and the
world is still a fantastic place when you are
allowed to see it as such. Either you are still
young or else you have the blood of fae running
through you, for you are not as banal as a
normal human.
You have low/3-5 banality.

How Banal Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


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