Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Batting a thousand...

Things.... could be better. In the last two weeks, my main mp3 player has died, my backup drive/mp3/media player can't be charged anymore, so I can't use it until I have a new computer to move everything to, my 512 meg mp3 player has spanish lessons on it, so I have no music whatsoever to listen to, my computer has died and now I touched SOMETHING wrong and Martin's computer won't log in. So I'm on the imac at this point, and the browser is old enough I can't access my hotmail, either. So right now I'm entering this post into a box that my browser has decided should be three characters wide and hoping and I can re-edit it later. But the point of this post is not to whine at y'all, although sympathy is much appreciated (I shall be calling kingu later and telephonically be making the wibble eyes at him). The point of this post is to say that if any of y'all need to contact me, best it be through this post right here. It will be functioning (so to speak) as my email until we can get Martin's computer working.

Might I add not to say anything you don't want public, mmm?

And yes, I have gmail, I'll be seeing if I can get into it later, but for the moment my technological world is in tiny little money-craving chunks, so please just use this post for any necessary contact.

EDIT: kingu fixed Martin's computer! So now I have email through his again!

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