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Pic Post: Griffith Observatory

Two things that you should know before clicking on the lj-cut.

1. I am going to attempt to post only the pictures that I really like and show off the place and the day we had.

2. I am going to suck at it. There are 35 pictures I have to choose from and I like most of them. You've been warned.

We actually spent the time waiting for the bus up and all the time on the walk in talking to a gentleman named Jerry. Martin spotted his submariner cap and they talked shop most of the time. The phrase "DBF" was uttered. This is Jerry and Martin...

...and a couple of quick shots of the exterior. I got a lot more closer to dusk, when things were getting pretty, which is why this post is so long.

Jerry and Martin exploring the scale model of the solar system. The loss of Pluto as a planet really screwed with the recent refit.

Here's a shot of part of the new underground exhibit they installed.

...and this was the projector they used to show the star shows with before the refit. It looked pretty awesome.

There was a seismograph that showed the local quakes and was accessible to the public. If you look at "A", that's where me and Martin jumped on the floor together to cause a small quake. "B" is where Martin tapped the machine. Our own personal earthquakes ^_^ The big ones are just other people earlier in the day messing with the machine.

There's a statue of Einstein you can pose with, so we set out to get a shot of Martin with it. Noah, on the other hand, was interested in joining the shot...

Eventually Noah's mom dragged him away and we got the shot we wanted.

Here's a nice shot to show the approximate location of the observatory. It is officially known to be "on the south slope of Mt. Hollywood."

...and here's a shot to the southeast of the observatory. I actually reduced the haze a little. It was a pretty smoggy day.

Believe it or not, I really didn't take that many photos throughout the day. Ask Martin. There were still a couple of exterior shots I wanted to take at this point, though.

After poking some of the people at the info desk, we got a guide to go to the Tesla Coil and ramp it up. It was behind a Faraday cage now, but it was still cool. The guide let one little kid push the button. I love this shot, because he's so happy and creepy ^_^

Martin mentioned it was his birthday and he got to push the button as well...

Here is some of his own personal lightning ^_^ I unfortunately forgot to turn the flash off for this one, but you can still see it.

We spent over half an hour at one point just talking with the science geeks who worked there. If you go, you ought to try that, it's fun and they're being paid to chitchat so it's nice for them, too.

Here's the ceiling of the central area. This is my best shot, I had a couple of others.


...some detail on the art deco bits.

...and the outdoor shot attack continues.

We got in to see the giant telescope! I'd never gotten to do that before! Here's Martin checking it out...

...and a shot of the device itself.


I loved taking outdoor photos of the place, it's soooooooo photogenic!

I loved the lines on this stairway.

Here's more detail on the art deco front door.

Martin wanted a shot of the front towards the pillar, but once again, moppets felt the need to be in the shot. Still, a good shot.

Here's the moppet-less version.

Here are a couple of closeups I got of the pillar.

After that we went to Buca di Beppo so that Martin could order the huge family sized spaghetti plate again, then we went home and he opened a couple more presents. The end.

So, comments on the pics? FYI, the reason I make pic posts is because I like when YOU make pic posts and I feel its only fair for me to do the same. ALSO!! If anyone who is better at photography than me, and I'm thinking of 2-3 of you guys already, feel free to tell me how to improve my shots!

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