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Day two...

Some of you may wonder "why is it taking so long for Misty to make another page worth of vacation pictures?" Well, the answer is that the next day had so much to photograph it takes up FOUR pages as well as over a gig of .avi files.

The new stuff is over here...

and if you missed the first day/day and a half you can see the beginning here...

I know the .avi files are huge, but I think they really add to it, so I hope SOMEone downloads a few of them. In any case, now you know why it took so long. I hand edited each and every photo and about 12% of the pictures I edited aren't even in the pages. Not to mention I'm only showing y'all about 20% of the pictures I took. So, go at it. I hope the text isn't too dull, but there's only so much you can think of to say after 4 pages of photos. Let me know if you want desktops of any of these.

Comments below.
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