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WHEEEE! Procrastination!!

I SHOULD be doing homework and vacuuming. But I just paid all the bills, did the dishes and watered the plants, so that means I get to mess around for a little bit as a reward. Right? RIGHT??!?

Here, I am either doing you a big favor, boring you, or screwing you over hard time. Big Fish Games. They have free downloads that you can play for a full hour before deciding if you want the game. I enjoy that because most games (90-95%) I'm bored with in WAY under an hour. On the other hand, I just blew 40 bucks from my Fund That Does Not Exist Filled With Money I Do Not Have to buy two games.

One was Big Kahuna Reef II. It's sort of like Bejeweled (and I'm a sucker for puzzle games) but the higher you get the more fish you unlock. So you get to add whatever unlocked fish you like to a little underwater reef you can watch. It's like a puzzle game/virtual fish program, which is SO me. If you download it and try it, click on the little swarm of tiny fishes over and over and over. You can almost HEAR your processor scream as it tries to work out all the little fish vectors! Amusing!

The second is Snapshot Adventures - Secret of Bird Island. I'm ASSUMING it's like Pokemon Snap, but seeing as I've never played it it's just a guess. You go around trying to get nicely zoomed and centered wildlife shots, and the further you get, the better accessories you get to get better photos. The pics get harder to catch, too. Also, you can design your own bird! Share pics with friends! It's so not-like-every-other-game and I'm a mini-photography geek anyways, that I neeeeeeeded to own it.

If you download either, let me know what you think. But you might want to go and just try a bunch of games anyways, most are pretty basic, so you can kill an entire afternoon for free playing lots of different games.

Also, I created a crappy piece of High Art that no one likes and is filled with deep philosophical commentary, unless it isn't. It's stupid and you won't like it. So don't go there. (And no, I'm not being facetious or using reverse psychology, it's crap and no one likes it.)
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