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Oh yeah, it's confirmed...

I finally got them to let me change the password on my hotmail and I get in and not only
do I have a LOT less mail that I would have if I had been away for two days, but my name is now Britney and I was born in 1980 and live in Oklahoma. I apparently have also won item after item on eBay. Expensive items.

She damn well BETTER live in Oklahoma, because if I ever meet the person who did this, they're going to need an emergency dental visit!

EDIT: Apparently this is where the eBay items are supposed to be shipped...

> >Name: Adeyemi Sunday
> > >Address: Number 10,Fajuyi Avenue
> > >City: Ado-Ekiti,
> > >State:Ekiti State
> > >Country: Nigeria
> > >Zip Code: 20001
> > >Tel: +2348072405434

Anyone know what I do now?

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