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Pictures from Amber's visit/Dias de los Muertos

Here are pictures from the first couple of days spazzychic was here, from arrival-ish Saturday through our trip to the Dia de los Muertos street festival on Sunday.

I wanted a shot right off, so here's spazzychic embracing the intrawubs that she missed on her cruise, while sitting at Enchanted Devas.

That night we all went to a party at Enchanted Devas and Richard, Martin, Amber and Michelle started playing Pirate King. That's the creator in the picture below, showing them the basics...

Michelle left later and a cool guy named Jamaal took over. Martin won and Amber came in second, both winning a bottle of port.

That night we were going to a cool pirate bar/grill in downtown L.A., but it was crowded beyond belief, so we ended up at Suehiro, which is still awesome. Amber was pretty low on sleep at this point, so before we left a small ricey snowman appeared by her plate.

All the rest of the pictures are from the Dia de los Muertos festival Sunday in Canoga Park.

Here's one now!

Play "Find the Naruto skeleton".

Amber and I with a skinny girl dressed to the nines...

Little skeleton doggy friends.

Here's a pan around the whole little village that the skeleton doggies
were part of...

A shrine to Gustav Klimt

There were shrines to Picasso and a few others as well, but I took enough
pictures I had to edit them down some.

Next is a shrine to Anna Nicole. There was more than one, but this one
had pink rice, which amused me more than it should have.

...and a shrine to Pedro Infante.

This was one of the most moving shrines in the place...

The center isn't lit, I just increased the crap out of the contrast so you can read it... But
I'll type it anyways.

The house I am
blessed to live in

was once yours

and the pine trees
you planted

still whisper your
only now taller
and closer to

There are pictures of the house, parts of the pine trees, a schedule with meetings with
various characters from Beverly Hillbillies and a phone they apparently found
in the house when they bought it.

Isn't that awesome?

...okay, moving on to something more surreal. And wrong. Just wrong.

There were live bands all day, including a traditional Dia de los Muertos rap band, but
my favorite were the mariachis with a female singer. This is a rock band from earlier on
in the day.

More ladies dressed to the nines...

I love this picture. It's at 50% width and height so if you want a big
version, which I certainly do, open the picture in another window.

This is one of my favorites of the chalk paintings that were all over the place.
All of them were awesome, but this one I edited a bit in photoshop so you
can see it more direct on.

Cheech and Chong action figures. 'Nuff said.

Artist at work.

Another of the pictures I edited to be straight on and another of my favorites.

The children's drawing area. I like the fact that the death theme carried over
into what they were drawing. Check out the pac man ghosts along the bottom too ^_^

They still had some traditional costumes for the purists.

Skeletal horse and cart with over sized rosaries.

Nearby we found a few of those cool pictures that change depending on where you
stand. This one is of a pirate that changes to a skeleton. Note the money
turning into a sweet little ratty.

The next shot is of Richard, Krystal and Amber looking at the pirate picture
and thinking "Ah! Pretty neat!" and Martin, judging from the look on his face,
noticing someone buggering a sheep.

All of us in front of one of the chalk drawing areas. Left to right, Krystal, Richard, me, Amber, Martin...

Richard: I can has hat?
Krystal: Yes! You CAN has hat!!

Amber, shaking Super Maracas!

Another one of the particularly impressive chalk paintings. I think I got a picture
of about 85% of them, so you're missing a lot, but hey, this post is too long already, right?
Admit it, you're just scrolling through the pictures. Anyone who reads this should use the word "grackle" in their reply.


That one is from a thrift store along Sherman Way. Totally photo worthy. Note the small rat on her head and the eency tiny body.

The end! Please forgive any bad Spanish Grammar and/or spelling, I'll be taking
Spanish probably next fall, so I have an excuse.

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