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Cats are weird....

The other day we bought an electric can opener. It was only 5 bucks and good hand ones cost like 3.50 so we figured WTF. Well, we plug it in and press the little lever down and Hunley and Max come running, as if they expect cat food.

We have never owned an electric can opener. And even if we had, they are only 3 and 2 respectively, we certainly haven't had one recently. And yet, apparently due to some genetic programming, they hear a can opener, they come running. It couldn't even have been the sound of the CAN because there WAS no can in it at the time. It was simply the sound of the motor running.

Well, today, I opened myself a can of spinach and was about to put it in the microwave when Hunley comes running up. So Martin offers him my spinach, and I say "If he actually wants it, he can have all he wants," laughing all the time....

So of course, we have to wait a full minute for him to be done chewing on my canned spinach before I can microwave it.

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