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On zombies...


What's up with that?

They surround some guy and the camera cuts away and then you see them gnawing on his brains.


Most of the time you don't see them with any weapons, not they're supposed to be smart enough to use anything more advanced than a cudgel. But most of the time they're not even carrying that. So what are we supposed to think? They simply gnawed their way into the human skull? Teeth aren't that strong, even assuming they had super strong jaw muscles because of the zombification. Imagine trying to chew through a human skull. You'd be there forever! And the poor victim is sitting there in the middle of the zombies... looking at his watch... tapping his feet... "will these zombies NEVER eat my brain?" Or is there some guy with a big rock that just goes around from group to group like a maitre d' popping each victim on the head?

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