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Wishful thinking...

Well, it's that time of year again. We've got most of the things were bringing packed up into the motorhome so that us and the cats can leave the beach house for the rest of the year and drive up to the cabin in Alberta. It will drive the cats nuts, as usual, but they always appreciate being able to watch the squirrels outside the cabin frolic.

Most of you should have received your airline tickets to join us for our annual American Thanksgiving feast by now. You'll be staying in the lodge down the way, since we're not made of money and space, but that's how it goes. Susan, since you've got extra time this year, the extra room is all set up ^_^

Plus! The caterers had a choice of three desserts this year, and I couldn't choose, so we're having all three! SQUEE!!

See y'all at the cabin!

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