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Firstly, as no one will be surprised by, I have jumped on someone else's bandwagon again, and made a bot, just like ladypixel did first. The more you use it, the more interesting it will get, especially if you say the same things from time to time, because I can change the responses. If you wanna play with my weird little conversation bot it's right here.


If you haven't been back to the Campbells Chunky Soup Giving Site or whatever it's called, they're still way below their goal and you can give every 24 hours. I've been clicking on the Arizona Cardinals, cause birdies are cute and the poor bastards are in last place.

Eisner has finally driven the last Disney out of the Disney corporation. Read Roy Disney's damning resignation letter here.

There's a really fun shockwave game where you can throw balls of paper into a trashcan (with varying wind directions) right here. It's not complex, but I find it pretty addictive.


Is anyone REALLY surprised by this?

Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon): Innocence that is not
educated will surely be defiled. It is
difficult to say which happens to Janet Weiss,
the ingenue's ingenue in The Rocky Horror
Picture Show, since she takes to her defilement
with such enthusiasm. Actually, Janet's is the
true-life story of many American girls raised
in towns much like Denton, where the story
begins. An innocent child-hood and adolescence
leave them ill-prepared for the horrors of the
larger world, and the discovery of those
horrors can only be traumatic. Instead of
curling up and dying of anguish or
embarrassment as some girls might, however,
Janet uses her initiation into the darker side
of life as a means of educating herself.

Deflowered by a mad scientist from another planet,
and finding her fiance in Frank's thrall, she
turns her attentions to the handsome hunk of
beefcake Frank has created, taking solace in
Rocky Horror's arms. As Frank has told her, it
isn't all bad.

Which Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Juuuuuuuuust great. If you look at the poll, though, it's incorrect 57% of the time...
My journal says I'm 54% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

Jane Austen
Jane Austen wrote you. You are extremely aware of
the power of a single word.

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

And FYI, anyone who is on Neopets, don't forget the advent calendar is giving out presents all month!

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