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More Amber pics...

Finally, I've gotten the last of the images of spazzychic's last visit off the camera and edited. For those of you interested.

We went out Sunday night to a goth club who's name I forget, but was an awesome club. We took pictures of us all before we headed out. I think I look stupid in the next one, but I'm only including it because it's the best shot of all 4 of us...

Left to right, it's krystalemerges, postrophe, spazzychic and me.

The duo shots are better...

Here's Krystal and Richard...

...and me and Amber.

Sadly, Tragedy Befell Amber shortly after this pic. She sprained her ankle getting on the dance floor, so we headed home shortly after that.

The next morning, everyone brunched at a little Armenian cafe near Karen's house. I thought my Armenian coffee looked awesome, so I took a shot of it, 'cause I do stuff like that.

...and here's everyone, minus me, at the table.

Left to right, Michelle, Martin AKA thudpucker, Krystal AKA krystalemerges, the back of Amber's head AKA the back of spazzychic's head, Richard AKA postrophe and Karen.

The End

Well, other stuff happened, including a trip to peek at the fire damaged areas of Santa Clarita and a movie night with just Martin, Sarah (AKA catlyn99), Amber and myself, but that's all I have good shots of.
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